Our Wines

Daniel and Sam choose to work with Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon because they feel they have something unique to say with these mainstay California wines.  “We believe that with the correct selection of vineyards and the judicious use of artisanal techniques and barrel aging, wines of moderate alcohol, finesse, and terroir expression can be produced in California” explains Daniel. 

They have proven this repeatedly with the wines they have created since 2017, wines that combine vibrancy, depth and elegance and that seamlessly express time, place and the cultivated vine, the “complant.”  These wines are not throwbacks to California’s past; they are the wines of California’s future.

Scroll down to read Daniel’s vignettes about each wine.

Winemaking is about storytelling.
Read Daniel’s vignettes about each wine.

  • 2017 Chardonnay

    Stephanie Peach knew that she was in trouble when Scout told her to don her little black dress and be at billionaire Lance Risko’s beach front mansion in Surf City, New Jersey for a cocktail party at 8:00.  Not only was Risko a mob boss, but Scout shared with her, as he ran through the…

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