The Complant Label & Cork Art

Early in our discussions about our new wine venture, Sam came up with the idea of having a complant from our home garden on each of our wine labels. We commissioned his tattoo artist, Kristina McDonald, a talented artist in her own right, to do color drawings of the blossoms of fruit bearing plants that grace our property to pair with the appropriate wine. Apple blossom for the Chardonnay; peach blossom for the Rosé; pomegranate blossom for the Pinot Noir; and blackberry blossom* for the Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Our cork design incorporates the “Pomme-en-main” (apple in hand) heurtoir (door knocker) that Daniel brought back from France. It is the one tattoo that all three children have – their symbol of home.

*our blackberry is a thornless variety developed by the great botanist Luther Burbank in Santa Rosa, California, about 25 miles from our home base