Stephanie Peach knew that she was in trouble when Scout told her to don her little black dress and be at billionaire Lance Risko’s beach front mansion in Surf City, New Jersey for a cocktail party at 8:00.  Not only was Risko a mob boss, but Scout shared with her, as he ran through the gears on his jet-black Porsche 911 GT2 RS, that he suspected Risko had the stolen jewels in a hidden safe in the mansion.  All Stephanie had to do was pretend to seduce Risko, while Scout found and broke the safe.  That and not get killed.  Upon arrival at the palatial mansion the resident sommelier handed Stephanie a glass of the most compelling wine she had tasted in years and her mood lifted. 

She touched the somm’s arm and asked, “What is that delicious wine?” 

“Lady, that’s 2017 Complant Chardonnay from  Linda Vista Vineyard. “

The brilliant wine had a light straw yellow color.  The nose expressed green apple, green pear, honey, white flower, wet slate, and hints of orange peel and camembert rind.  The first impression on the palate was freshness, then followed by honey and banana peel.  The vein of natural acid pulled throughout and the wine had good weight and a long savory finish.

“Well,” thought Stephanie, “the night won’t be a total loss.  I’ve discovered a great wine.  Now I’ve just got to stay alive long enough to enjoy another glass.”

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