It was worse than she thought, much worse.  Stephanie Peach was a bounty hunter based in Hoboken, New Jersey and this had gotten her into some dicey situations.  But this one might be the grand salami.  A pool party at an Atlantic City casino and she was supposed to get the cuffs on mob boss Lance Risko after he jumped bail on an extortion rap.  And she was in her little black dress and 4 inch pumps.  Lola, her sidekick, and a former hooker, had come up with this brilliant scheme.  And where was she, with the SUV, the cuffs and the taser?  Risko wasn’t going to buy her seduction act for much longer.

Well at least the food was good and by the way what was this white wine.  She snagged a waiter and asked, “Hey, what are we drinking, it’s extraordinary?”

“Miss, that is the 2018 Complant Linda Vista Vineyard Chardonnay.”

Stephanie swirled her glass.  The wine had a pale straw-yellow color and a nose of honeysuckle, melon, lychee and lime zest.  On the palate it had a crisp entry of lime zest, a lightly creamy mid-palate and flavors of lemon bars and key lime pie.  The finish was long and laced with flavors of lychee and Pippin apple.

She was just savoring a second sip when the SUV crashed through the fence around the pool, upsetting tables, partiers and caterer’s platters.  Risco took one look at the commotion and took off for the casino.  Lola, trapped behind the airbag, tossed her the taser and the cuffs and yelled, “Chase him down Stephanie,  he’s getting away!”

“In these heels???. No way.”  

Then she took another sip.

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